Two cookies with a side of wine

I will never be an octopus

We think we can do it all, and for some unique human beings they might be able to . But for me I will never be an octopus. Some may want 6 extra arms, to spend their life on red bull and work all the hours in the world. But nope not for me!

Being fiercely independent and not really relying on others to “help” in any form of life it has been a long road to get me to delegate. Especially when it comes to my pride and joy of my business.  Which is totally ironic as I ask my clients to delegate parts of their business to me or they let me run havoc with their set ups and automate all their processes on a weekly if not daily basis.

My business might not seem the biggest in the world – but I’ve grafted hard for what I’ve built and I don’t want anyone mucking it up, dropping my ridiculously high standards of work ethics (of which I am proud ) or making me look like an idiot.

I am more than capable of making myself look like an idiot all by myself! 

When funds are low and you are only just starting out in your business there are times where you do have to do it all by yourself. Well, at least you’ll try and those mistakes can end up costing you more.

You’ll soon come to realise though that there are decent people in this world that won’t let you down, they will have your back and won’t be scared to question why you didn’t ask for help in the first place and why you are doing something the way you are doing it.

Surround yourself with the people that can help you with, to put it bluntly, the parts of your business you are a bit rubbish at.

So what are you rubbish at or what takes you the most time in your business and is it draining your soul? 

For me it’s been my website! I have written my website about 6 times, broke it in 2020 and had a splash screen up for most of it and struggled with presenting me in website form!

I’m all about the orange but I definitely needed a bit more brand and my choices along the way were, let’s just say, a bit primary school effort.

I learnt a lot, not just from the mistakes I made, but about the sheer amount of work that it takes to make a website or the amount of headspace it takes to represent yourself in static format – I’m a talker and will never do well on paper!

We know who we are, what we are about, we know what we like and what we want. But we struggle when explaining to others.

There is a major issue in that paragraph – the use of we too much. 

Branding isn’t about what we want and what we think represents us.

Branding is our message to others, they need to understand it. 

I finally gave up after totally breaking my website and just screamed help and got someone to help me.

In walks Pete.

I’d spoken to Pete a few times about client websites, we shared stories and adventures and he gave me some great advice and support when I was just starting out. He also totally got what I was trying to achieve.

Pete had sussed me quite early on after speaking about France, about my Hayleyisms and of course my vision for the business. 

Pete managed to transform my content and visions into images and style on my website. He totally got me and my message!

Pete also understood that I needed full control of the website and to make any amendments myself – because I’m always adding bits and adapting my services – I was also still concerned about the spending. 

Now amendments to content and adding products – yep fine, however when I started fiddling and amending some of the core structure that is when I knew I should have asked for help.

I’d updated my cookie policy and changed the wrong thing – Doh!  I also wanted to duplicate something but instead it deleted itself.

This resulted in having 2 cookie pop ups and no link to a big part of the business on the website. After pouring myself a massive glass of wine, looking and trying to fix it myself I sent the distress call to Pete.

The distress call (one of many that I have sent) normally reads a little bit like this :-

I haven’t broken it but ……….

Like I said,Pete is awesome and replies or fixes things for me exceedingly quickly and professionally – think I definitely need to buy him dinner though!

The moral to this very long story is – if you are not that brilliant at parts of your business then why are you struggling to do them? Have you got people that you can rely on to have your back, send the distress call to and will sort it for you?

For websites and branding call Pete – for everything else there is Hudson Admin Support.

Thanks Pete –