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A place to come together, to support, to up skill, to collaborate.

The VA Lounge is somewhere for you to strengthen your own business, build confidence and support others. Wherever you are in your business journey there is something here for everyone. Not just for Virtual Assistants but anyone working as a virtual business owner.

Working as a solo business owner can sometimes be a tough gig. The VA lounge provides an environment for you to connect with others in a very relaxed and open way. Whether it is at our lively Coffee Club catch-ups or in one of our Skills sessions, it is an opportunity to make real relationships with real people.

What happens in the lounge?


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

The VA Lounge is an online community, with main events happening at set times throughout the month!

Tuesdays at 12pm is, of course, our wonderful main COFFEE CLUB event.  The Coffee Club is where you can take a break from your work, meet other members and get support. Building a VA network will strengthen your business by offering new opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other.

We have partnered with some companies to offer discounts on products and these discount codes are available to every member. If you want to offer the community a discount on one of your products then please contact us via the contact form.

Skills Sessions


Visit one of our monthly SKILLS SESSIONS. Skills sessions are where we share our skills, either led by one of The VA Lounge team, outside speakers or other members from the community we showcase and share tips and tricks to benefit you and your business.

If you can’t make the Live Skills Session then don’t worry, you’ll have access to all the recordings in the Skills Session Hub.

We are always looking for people to deliver a skills session so if you are interested register your details at info@hudsonadmin.co.uk.

For members that join in February and March you will have access to our Monthly Accountability sessions. These are held to help you get your tasks done to advance your business.

Monthly Newsletter & Associate Board


Our monthly newsletter lets you know all the internal news, industry highlights and trends with the opportunity to contribute as a writer and showcase your skills and business.

We also have our Associates Board. So if you are looking for work then you have the opportunity to add your name to the board, that we advertise internally in the group but also in other VA groups.

The VA Lounge Community Group


Our community group is just that! A group led by The VA Lounge community somewhere to ask questions if you can’t make coffee club. Somewhere to advertise work , a place for humour, to let off steam and to support each other. Currently based on LinkedIn this community is exclusive to The VA Lounge members.

The VA Lounge Prices

Launch Membership £150 a year or £18 a month