The Death of The Notebook

Why do we not use quill and ink anymore?

Is it due to the lack of feathers available or that whatever stain remover you use ink will seriously not come out of anything.

No, it’s not is it?

It’s because it took ages!

I remember vividly having a Victorian day at primary school and having to write with quill and ink for the day. The teacher gave up as it was taking us a life time to just write one word.

Can you imagine writing a proposal to a client like this now?

Not only would it take a week but can you imagine the amount of physiotherapy that would be needed on those hands!

Times have changed, the process in how we write, take notes , communicate, send letters it’s all sped up. Are we seeing the death of the notebook?

Probably. I do love a hand written note however in business is it useful to be writing everything down on paper? How does this be transferred to the team, where is the back up, how much time are you wasting?

We live in a time where people want things now, today, urgently. They seek the instant gratification of a reaction or acknowledgment. We also live in a time where life pressures are a lot but also the realisation that we do not want to be working, to be stuck doing the mundane jobs of life. We want to be free whenever we can be to enjoy the wonders that this world has for us.

Communication has to be available to all the team. If you are still working with paper files then how are you moving forward? How is your communication with the team going ? Are those notes still being lost and has Dave’s writing improved at all? Where is your back up of info – “oh its all on email” – so why are you using paper files still?

In a world where we want free time, we want things to be simple and easy, why are we not embracing every opportunity to use technology to our advantage?

We all work hard to do the best we can however some parts of business don’t need hard work, they need smarter work and they need to accept advancing technologies.

With the huge increase in apps and software that are available there are many simple ways that can be introduced to daily work life to limit the mundane snorefest of tasks that occur and your business can work for you without you doing a thing.

Automating software will save you hours a week and therefore save you money.

The Death of The Notebook #VirtualAssistant

There is now a cyber super highway with software bridges that interlink the lot, letting your software talk to each other and organise everything behind your back, only getting you involved in the important parts when you really need to be – like a well managed team would.

There is software that can allow you to get appointments booked in your sleep, customer questionnaires compiled and allocated to team members. Sales leads added to pipelines, invoices raised, targeted emails sent – the list is endless – well almost – I still can’t find one to make a cup of tea but could get a piece of software to order, pay and get a cuppa delivered I suppose.

Tech is not going anywhere and it is now far easier to understand.

With the lack of coding required and literally a pick up and plonk approach on many platforms – think old skool 90’s IT lessons with fields and simple instructions – none of this >D4£&9)>put_swamp_jargon gobbledygook is required and it is accessible for all businesses.

The revolution of no code tools has begun and it is changing how small businesses operate on a daily basis.

What is stopping you embrace technology as a business owner?

Is it the fear?

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified “- Gloria Gaynor

It’s the fear isn’t it.

We don’t like new things! Especially when we don’t know how they work.

Stop it now and get onboard! Embracing this technology thing won’t change where you are aiming for it will only get you there quicker and easier!

“But what about losing the relationship we have with our customers”

Automation is not for the customer facing parts of your business. You know your customers better than anyone – they are your customers because of you and your products not because of the admin shenanigans that you do in the background. Wouldn’t it be better for your customers to get regular updates, automatic responses to payments and the ability to book in an appointment with you without having to wait until you are in the office or free from meetings?

Automating lets you spend more time focusing on them or, more importantly, focusing on you and what you are good at.

“What about cost?”

Most software and apps have freebie usage to start with until you are a super user, and then it practically pays for itself. How many hours are you spending on doing these jobs – and what is your hourly rate? Are you getting paid to do these parts of your business?

“I don’t even know where to start!”

Your first port of call is to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself do you have the time to look at everything that is out there and where you could automate and have you got the time to put it in place and learn it? If yes then take a little look at the super connector that is Zapier.

If No, then hello! 👋

Book a Business Streamlining session with me, so I can look at what you are currently using and then let you know what you can automate and what to use. You then could go a step further and get me to set it all up for you too!