Don’t Go Full Tony

Welcome to 2022

The Robert Downey Jr Comic Con 2012 style entrance that I had in mind for 2022 didn’t really go to plan. In fact I think it has been more of a Bambi stumble.

But it is ok. I am here now and that is what matters.

When it’s time to show up then you will, there is no point in pushing yourself to the ends of the earth to follow the crowd of what is “expected” of us as business owners.

Following’s not really my style anyway.

I am the first to admit that sometimes the blinkers fall and the so called Thanos’ of the world creep in and cause disruption and try to influence on the what I should and shouldn’t be doing. How would they know what is right for me and my business?

Year’s of experience of course. Years Smears!

20 years experience in an Industry that has changed so much and has been moulded by their influence in it isn’t always the best experience. Not to knock listening to experience but it doesn’t mean that it is etched in your heart and to be followed.

You should always do you. Who are you after all when people look deeper through this external presentation suit that you wear?

If you are nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.

You should build this external suit that matches your values in every shape and form. Show us when you can, and don’t end up burning out.

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Starting a New Year with lots to do can be totally overwhelming! You might just need a minute. Take a breath. Look at the haunting to do list of everything that you want to get done this year and on top of everything that you “should” be doing and need to be doing it is totally going to freak the most stable of us out!

Break it down!

Don’t go full Tony and try to be everything to everyone, focus on one thing at a time. You are after all not Iron Man.

Now don’t get me wrong, Tony Stark is my hero and obvs my favourite, but what is the point in killing ourselves to just save face with the exterior expectations of us. We are the only ones who can be the winner of our race that we are running. “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk”, but you choose the speed and the amount of time you are going to run for.

“We create our own demons” that we have to get everything done at the beginning of the year.

You don’t, honest!

If you have a business that brings you in the money and happiness you require then it is not going to need changing just advancing in 2022.

Write that massive to do list on post it notes – then look at what needs to take priority to advance your business one bit at a time.

My top tips on how to prioritise what needs to be done, because you know I was always going to share:

  • New To-Do – Write your whole process down for that To Do. Have you got parts in place for this already? Is it going to deliver one of your goals for this year – money/save time/ sanity? How much time is it going to take? Can you outsource it? Set a date to get it done by and place the parts of the process in your diary of when you are going to get them done.


  • Old To-Do – You know the one that has been hanging about for ages that you can’t be arsed to do. Does it really need doing? Why haven’t you done it – is it relevant anymore? If it needs doing block out time in your diary in the next 10 days for it and just get it done. If it isn’t going to benefit you from doing it or you really don’t want to do it or doesn’t feel right – don’t do it!


  • Life To Do – Life is not all about work. What 8 million other things have you got to get done or committed to in life? Combine your diary with all things personal and business. If you have already got 3 things in your diary for the day don’t add any business To Do’s to it. Remember to-do’s are extras – not the daily automatic things we have to get done.

Stop the overwhelm!

Outsource what you are rubbish at. If you are rubbish at sorting out a process and the steps in it, outsource it, if you are rubbish at design, outsource it. You are the boss after all. Your sidekick that helps you do all these things will just make you look cooler because you’ll get things done quicker.

Let’s face it, outsourcing is not the worst thing you’ve been caught doing.

If you are struggling to find decent people to outsource to or tired of being a lone-wolf type of adventurer and have started talking to yourself then guess what?

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The VA Lounge is somewhere to meet excellent people to outsource to, get help with not talking to yourself and maybe learn a thing or two. You are welcome to join – we are over on the darkside of Discord at the moment, come join the squad.

Until next week, I Love You 3000

H x