Are you looking through the glass?

Do you really care about the story? And should you?

We all consume, we all spend money, but how conscious are you of where you are spending it? I’m not going to take you on an extra long rabbit hole addition of the newsletter this week, more of a reflection on habits.

When buying are you going for the cheapest deal or looking a bit further behind the brand?

We live in a world of social selling and the whole people buy from people thang, but how awake are you to what you are spending your money on, are you distracted by the price or shiny exterior or do you explore further ?

Do you really care about the story? And should you?

I’m going to bang on just for a few words about, yep you guessed it, Calendly. Now there are numerous alternatives, cheaper too, however the story and effort that the founder of Calendly put in to get it off the ground I have decided deserves my money. Anyone that is willing to take a risk like Tope Awotona deserves high praise. Fortune have got quite a good article about it.

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I for one also like to back creators and new products, especially if they are providing something to help small businesses. Take AppSumo, designed to support new apps and benefit smaller businesses with lifetime prices to alternative software that can rival Buffer, MailChimp, Calendly and Typeform.

Do you ever look at the person behind the scenes and actually delve a little deeper into them. There are some heroes out there that behind the scenes offer so much support and help, without shouting about it, just because they are decent people. Take Rebecca Pay, Pay for Precision, ok ok I might have some internal intel on this one, but Rebecca once a month gives some of her time away to help an individual with their CV for free, she also set up a non profit social enterprise to help those that have been made redundant.

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And how about the products you consume and buy on a daily basis? There are so many companies that now give back or plant a tree or donate with every purchase. Howdah? are one of my favourites. For every packet of their snacks that you buy, they provide a meal for a child in need. Pretty great right?!

I for one know that I might not be able to financially give, so I dedicate time every week to help support the VA industry. My little way of giving back to others. I also am head of the PTA at my daughters school and try to volunteer for projects that I am passionate about. Time is, after all, our most precious commodity.

In a world where change is needed are you conscious of your buying habits and what are you doing as a business owner to give back?

No Newsletter next week, I am off on my own little adventure, but first a cup of tea!